Thursday, December 23, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

seasons beatings

I actually fought at season's beatings last Sunday. I only fought two opponents, Louis and Alexander. Alexander has been fighting almost as long as I have but has just recently taken up sword and shield. I was showing him some basics. The tricky tricks were working well. Louis did jot give me as much trouble as he usually does. We spent most of the time dealing with variations of the off side body shot, because I killed him twice with one, once when he was trying to throw one. I used jade's simple shot from behind my head while he was trying to throes the Lucan variation. There are four basic techniques for throwing an off side body: Lucan's passing shot, the Gendy method (which starts in front of your head), the Radnor method (which either starts behind your head or passed to the right of your head), and the downward off side where the hand stays below the tip of the sword. Radnor normally uses his technique in his patented Butterfly shot, where a rising snap turns into an off side body, and its hard to differentiate from the Gendy shot in that case (it has to do with the path of the hand and torque of the hips). Jade simply throws it from an engarde position or as a counter punch to a snap. Lucan draws the snap or throws a low molinee and then passes offline to his left, under the blow, and strikes at the body (it is Lucky's two step without the first step because he starts goofy foot). The downward strike is used by itself or with a figure eight combo. Lou was trying to throw the Lucan shot when I hit him with the straight Jade shot. Then I did it again later. This turns out to be good again Lou because he triggers his defense off elbow movement and like a lot of two weapon fighters moves into a window parry defense, leaving his right side open. So I hit it. This is how Jade killed Alfred of Carlysle in crown finals back in the early 90s.