Sunday, April 28, 2019

Crapaud #277, and Other Musings

Since last posting here, I've been training for crown, went to quarters in Mudthaw, and broke my training to travel to Oregon due to a family emergency. I even drank beer. While on the West Coast I ended up with time on my hands, and a need to get away, so I lit out for California and my West Coast home.

It so happened that Crapaud #277 was that week, and I would be there. I had my West Coast armor, so I decided to fight. I really really needed to hit something. When I was living in the West, Crapaud was in Cynagua and I was in the Mists, and I was only once (as I recall) invited. So fighting in Crapaud was kind of a bucket list for me. Plus, I wanted a tune up for Crown.

My participation in Crapaud was comically wrong. See, I did not want to fight with my bunny round. Crown is coming up, and I didn't want to get into any old bad bunny round habits since I would be using my heater. So I asked if anybody had  heater I could borrow. Bad mistake.

First, I got Hanse's heater. This is about--I don't know--maybe 30" long, maybe 28". And it's narrow. I used that for two rounds. Then I borrowed a shield from an Atlantian, which was about the right size, but strapped all wrong for me and a bit heavy. I used this for two rounds. Then I borrowed a center-grip heater, which was probably 32" long, maybe more. At least I was relatively comfortable with that one, but I fell into some Branos technique because, you know, center grip, which is decidedly NOT my style. Anyway, trying to use these different shields, not being comfortable with them, trying to figure out my defense on the fly, was all patently stupid. I'd have been better off just using my bunny round. Win or lose, I'd have felt better in the moment.

Oh, yea. I was also using a log with no counterweight as my sword.

As it was I finaled against Hanse. Video is below. It picks up in round 2. See Valgard move like a slug. See him try desperately to figure out his shield. See his blows come in at half speed and odd angles.

It's seven days until Crown. My next time in armor will be Crown.