Thursday, August 26, 2010


Damn! No Nutley next weekend either! Grrrr!

Good workout today again, kettle bell workout, push ups, sit ups, and 20 min on the elliptical.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pennsic and other follies

So fighting wise here is what my Pennsic looked like:

I spent two hours in the woods and didn't swing a blow. (I want to thank the midrealm for basically handing us that one).

I was not called up for the champions battles on Wednesday so I didn't fight

I had some good spear work on the brdige but I can't honestly say I am sure I kiled anybody.

I had two sets of pickup fights.

The only really good fighting I got in was in the open field battles when I was following Rolf around. I was using the short polearm and I killed a lot of people with it. That was fun.

Truthfully, my head and heart were not in it. I got progressively worse at Pennsic mentally. Nothing really bad happened, I just wasn't into it.

Though I do want to say once again what a fantastic Queen Margurite is.

As for the other folly, that would be crown. There are currently sixty days until Crown tournament. I have kicked training up a gear: I've worked out four times since I got back from Pennsic. Tomorrow I will hit the gym at school for a kettle bell workout after class, and probably some aerobics. Friday I will run in the morning and use Indian clubs. Saturday will be a recovery day. Sunday is fight day but we'll have company from out of town so I might not get to practice. However, I will make Nutley next week. One of my goals is to be in armor ten times over the next eight weeks. Shouldn't be too hard considering there is a tournament at Coronation.