Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hi there

As if I actually needed another blog, here it is. I'm already writing Mediagrouch and The He Man Martha Haters Club (both here at Blogspot) a live journal (where I do most of my posting these days) a Myspace page and a Facebook page. What on earth would I want another blog for?

Well, this one is very focussed. I don't expect to write in it every day. It's just about SCA fighting--my experiences, my views. That's it. I already keep a paper journal of what I'm doing as a fighter, keeping track of who I fight at practice, how well I do, what works and what doesn't (try it sometime). Some of that I'll post here. I'll also talk about tournaments, wars, results, etc. I'm doing this because I'm training a lot more people than I have in the recent past and this is a good way to let them know how *I* go about it, share some info, etc. Who knows. In six months I may have abandoned this blog. Hopefully not.

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