Wednesday, April 2, 2008

More on Mudthaw

Boy! I can tell i did well because my body still aches three days later! :)

The other thing that bgged me at Mudthaw was a bit of indecision I was having, yet again, regarding my bunnyround work. I *want* to fight like Radnor or Jade, in a classic high form (Radnor's is a bit more closed than Jade's), and that's the best form for my thrusts, which are my most effective weapon these days. But my best defensive style, as well as the one I counter punch best out of, is a high closed form with my sword foot forward, ala Hauoc. I've been messing with this most of the last eight months and it really works. But it's harder to win fights and it's not as much fun. I've written this before.

So at Mudthaw, like at Birka, I was having trouble deciding how to enter a fight. Should I be offensive and lead with my left foot, sword back for optimum power and variet of attack, or should I close up, sword foot forward, and just be patient? It was hard.

The fights I won were no real help. Most of them I won with a hook thrust, which I throw from a high open form. And that wa a really decisive attack. My fight with Gabriel doens't count because he's a left hander, my fights with doug and barack don't count becuse they are two weapon fighters. None of those are typical.

Dimitri once said it doens't matter, that switching your lead is called "walking" which makes sense, but they have completely different sword guards and attacks that go with them as well.

Oh well. I should argue too much with eight rounds. It was a really good day. I just need to practice more witht he bunny round and it will all come together.

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Tim Mayer said...

Do you find it's easy to grow attached to a particular sword? I was having a lot of difficulty this evening with my heavy field battle stick this evening at the local practice because I don't use it a lot in tournament-style fighting. My regular sword is lighter, but was down for repairs this evening.