Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New fighting Videos

Many thanks to Gil for uploading videos from the last couple BAT practices to You Tube:

There are some great vids. I'm really pleased to see the video of me fighting Oscad. Like I said, Oscad pushes me hard. I'd been getting the better of him lately but he's figured out a good counter to use on me and killed me with it Sunday, and almost killed me with it a couple more times. Like Thorsen, he's realized that it's the weakest spot in my defense (I always fight sword forward against Thorsen for that reason). I was working on ramping up against him because I've realized that I am fighting a bit too laid back recently. The biggest thing I notice in this video is that I am not extending my arm into my leg defense, and that I do not look as fast as I feel.

Check it out:

The video of me fighting Timur is good too, mostly so he can see what I was talking about in our teaching seesion. But Gil cut it short and missed the part where I went all jade on him and just pasted him with a face thrust from a no-guard attitude, something which always feels good when I can pull it off.

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