Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fourth Crusade

The Fourth Crusade vent was awesome. It was an all day resurrection war like we used to Run in the West, a five hour res battle around the theme of the Crusaders' sack of Constantinople. There were lots of rules, probably too many, but a lot of good stuff went into making it work. There were various war points and conditions for victory which, after five hours of fighting (which didn't get started till three, so it was 8PM), ended up with us crusaders one big push into a castle away from winning. We were just getting ready to mount it when time ran out.

The fighting was fun. I think there were actually a lot of calibration issues, but notbody got bent about them. People on both sides thought a lot of shots were being blown off, but for the most part it ended with a discussion and happy fighters.

I had some great fun fighting with a pole ax and with my kite shield. I got a few good kills in, I lead some charges, I was mostly effective. I also took some very hard shots. The last shot I took, from Lucan, was a literally poleaxing. He hit me in the back of my helm with his polearm at full swing as I was running through the line. I was a bit stunned. I started to take myself off the field but then realized that there was only about ten minutes left, so I resurrected, ran back in, and was fighting as the final hold was called, which felt good.

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