Friday, July 3, 2009

Shoulder Woes

I should maybe have taken it easy last night.

I lifted on Tuesday and then last night me, Gui, and Oscad went over to practice in Hawthorne NJ. It's a long way off. It takes twice as long to get there as it does to get to Nutley, or so it seems.

This is a training practice, so it's not so much for me to train myself as it is for me to train others and get dome helmet time. The three of us didn't fight each other (that would have been a waste of a long drive). I did some unarmored instruction and fought four fighters: one of Tanaka's squires (He told me his name. Logan, maybe?), Ubu, Cedric, and then three passes with Tanaka.

Against Tanaka's squire, who uses a large heater and doesn't move ver much, I used the kite. I was able to hit him often, and there wasn't much I could say to him afterward. He has a solid enough defense, but needs to be more active.

Ubu is really good, and a fun fight. He's not one of the top unbelted fighters, but I am impressed with his patience. He lets the fight come to him and then takes advantage. He fights with one of those eye-shaped shields with a center grip. It gives him a wicked window for an onside headshot. I suggested that he think of his shield as the world's biggest round shield but with teh unnecessary parts cut off. In other words, that he should block mostly with the edge in front of his hand. We'll see if he understood.

Cedric and I fought with small center-grip heaters. That was a blast. I did to him what Gemeni did to me in Cali. The small center grip is basically like a bunny-round.

My fights with Tanaka were intense. Afterward I realized my shoulder was hurting, so I quit. Now I'm kinda glad I'm not fighting today and tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be good for Nutley next week.

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wildfox said...

Who shows up for the Nutley practice?