Monday, September 14, 2009

BAT Practice

I almost didn't get into armor because there were only two other guys planning to fight. Normally I don't get into gear unless there will be four of us.

The other two were Daniel and Gui. Daniel is new so there was a lot of training involved in that, but part of the training was on aggression, so we both got to press a little bit. He is advanced for the amount of time he's been in armor but has a lot of rough edges to work out.

Gui, of course, is a bundle of rough edges. Not in the "he's not polished" way, but in the "bag full of broken glass" way. He is just plain dangerous--one of the toughest fighters I've ever fought. I had never fought him with the center grip before. It completely cut off his favorite tactic, which is to duck behind his shield and relentlessly attack your legs (he's a really strong lefty). I got him with some really good techniques--a shield press and off-side head cut, and then a thrust that came in from behind my flattened shield (it's hard to describe--it felt weird at the time but it worked). He adjusted pretty well an did much better agaisnt me the second set of passes. He said my aggression was great and that he had more trouble with me than ever before, which feels pretty good.

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Saburou said...

Sir Valsgarde, I've recently moved to NYC and know through your blog that there's a BAT practice. Is there one this coming Sunday (9/27)? Or any Sundays? I would love to come down and fight. Feel free to contact me at oy2001 (at) yahoo (dot) com. Thank you!

- Honda Saburou Taremitsu, Squire to Sir Aonghaus of Brus