Sunday, October 11, 2009


BAT practice was great today! I don't know how many fighters we had in armor. Nick is back from Sweden, Sir Angus' squire was here--he's going to Columbia. There was also me, Ervald, Richard Blackmoore, Oscad, Gui, Kasimir, Everet, Vasili--I'm probably leaving somebody out. Ed was here teching sword work.

I didn't fight too many fights. I fought Kaz, Richard, Oscad, Nick and Vasili. I was fighting them all pretty well. I tried to narrow my focus--now that I've been fighting with the kite for awhile, stopexpermienting and concentrate on a couple of thechniques that are working well. I'm mostly fighting sword foot forward in a closed high form, but stepping back on occasion into an open high form. It's working pretty well. My sword is ballanced more for the belatrix style, open high form however, and I might need to make a new one next week. My leg targetting was on today as well.

There are three weeks till crown so I'm stepping up my activity a bit (plus I gained two pounds last week). Yesterday I did pushups and crunches, and climbed a lot of stairs. Today I fought and did a bit of Yoga. Tomorrow I will go to the gym, hit the treadmill and do some light lifting. Or at least that's the plan. Next time in armor will be next Sunday at the Beau Geste. :)

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