Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pennsic and other follies

So fighting wise here is what my Pennsic looked like:

I spent two hours in the woods and didn't swing a blow. (I want to thank the midrealm for basically handing us that one).

I was not called up for the champions battles on Wednesday so I didn't fight

I had some good spear work on the brdige but I can't honestly say I am sure I kiled anybody.

I had two sets of pickup fights.

The only really good fighting I got in was in the open field battles when I was following Rolf around. I was using the short polearm and I killed a lot of people with it. That was fun.

Truthfully, my head and heart were not in it. I got progressively worse at Pennsic mentally. Nothing really bad happened, I just wasn't into it.

Though I do want to say once again what a fantastic Queen Margurite is.

As for the other folly, that would be crown. There are currently sixty days until Crown tournament. I have kicked training up a gear: I've worked out four times since I got back from Pennsic. Tomorrow I will hit the gym at school for a kettle bell workout after class, and probably some aerobics. Friday I will run in the morning and use Indian clubs. Saturday will be a recovery day. Sunday is fight day but we'll have company from out of town so I might not get to practice. However, I will make Nutley next week. One of my goals is to be in armor ten times over the next eight weeks. Shouldn't be too hard considering there is a tournament at Coronation.


STAG said...

I have to agree with you about Pensic. I have not been to Pensic since Pensic 18 because it just didn't progress...there was nothing new. It is always stinking hot, or raining, and I always seemed to be line for something...armour inspection, or the porta johns or whatever. And the drumming. How can so many people beat drums badly?
Of course I still think it is worth going to if you have never been before, and you can get into a lot of excellent pick up fights with people who calibrate differently than you, but hey, I fought fifty four fights on my birthday last week right here at home, and I had a helluva good time! No poison ivy, no mosquitoes, and air con in the bedroom.
You are not the first who has told me what a great queen Margurite is. Nobody I know has a bad word to say about her. Wish the same could be said about me...grin!


andrewjameslowry said...

Sorry to read that you did not have a great Pennsic in terms of fighting. I like your goals. Kettle bells rock.