Sunday, February 20, 2011

Found a great video of me fighting Miles at Western 12th Night this year on the (awesome) Sigurgata You Tube page.

I should also say that I fought last Friday at the demo on Long Island. Since it was demo fighting it was really not good training, nor was it indicative f anything. But it was fun. I fought long sword against John the Bear. I used almost exclusively techniques out of Tobler and won. Then we had a short sword only fight, which was geat. I fought single short sword vs Gui's single long sword and got creamed (it was Gui's demo and, really, his night. When he came out and through chocolate to the boy scouts he had already won the field). I also fought a little two weapon, broadswrod and short sword, which was fun but would have gotten me killed in crown. Swrod and shield was as on as could be. Only gui killed me. But since nobody was fighting at eleven, nothing was learned from the evening. But it was a blast!!!

Today at BAT is a training day. Mostly teaching the new guys about thrusting with spear and pole arm.

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