Tuesday, June 28, 2011

western crown June 2011

There is so much to write about Western Crown. On the one hand, I did terribly by my usual standards. I won only one fight and was hardly a factor at all. On the other hand, I thought I was fight well, I had fun, and my kind was right (I don't know how else to describe it, I felt better mentally than o had in years).

I fight three of Other's guys. They were all using.g relatively big shields. I was using my bunny round. My fights can be divided by leg shots. In the fight I won I took ly opponent's leg. He later took mine. In the fights I lost I lost my leg and then didn't take my opponents'. They pounded me into The ground.

I felt beter in the old school high open form, which indicates that I wasn't thinking on my feet.

I had a much better day fighting roses. I beat Alfar. He raved about how good I was. He called me sneaky. I won some other fights as well.

Rolf won crown. More on that later.
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