Friday, August 12, 2011

Last Day of Pennsic

This has been a great war. I haven't fought as much as I'd like, but I fought a lot and partied a bit and great things happened.

We had three new fighters in our group, Duncan, Deklin, and Shandar, plus Thormundr, a midrealm transplant, to go with Me, Cian and Gui. Amalric fought with us a bit too. We fought well.

There were three knightings and two of them were the guys I have been pushing, Gui Avec Cheval du Guise and Oscad de Segovia. They are the two guys who basically run the Brooklyn practice. Gui is also about to become Viceroy of Ostgardr. They are both great fighters and I have seen them as knights for a long time.

Gui's vigil was particularly cool. He got called out of Scotch and Cigar party and we marched him to a pavilion on the side of the field, striped him naked and poured ice water over him. Cian was in charge of setting it up. The new guys formed his guard. It was awesome.

The third knight was Roger Stockton. That was a controversial knighting but in the end I'm happy with it.

I just finished my sixth day in armor. I did pickups every day and fought in every battle save the bridge (I had to take Hanna to the airport). I also fought in the Atlantian speed tourney. I went five round and lost to Duke Edmund and Douglas Henry, who eventually won. Not a bad showing really.

My pickups were fantastic. I fought a lot of easterners but, today at least, they were form Tir Mara so I had never seen them before. The two pickup opponents who stand out for me were a lady knight from North Shield, I thing her name was Roshamund, and Dongal a knight from Atenveldt. In both cases the key to winning the fights that I won was patience. As I figured, I am losing my leg more with the heater than I did with the center grip kite. I successfully used an upsilon leg shot, a hook thrust, a hesitation wrap, and a wavy-rising snap. But the real trick was a wrap that basically threw itself when my opponent closed on me. That was awesome.

Camp was also fantastic. We have a great bunch of people this year. I even made it to the Bardici party last night, which is truly up to all the hype. It was the most magnificent thing I'd ever seen at Pennsic.

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