Sunday, December 18, 2011

Rehab and Report

It's been two weeks since my last post. I sit here at BAT, unable to fight because of my elbow. I've been working on a lot of things lately that are worth talking about, but I am in that period where I'm getting really frustrated not being able to fight.

I have moved to Indian clubs with my rehab with really good results. My elbow is no longer tender to the touch. It doesn't get wore with normal usage. It's not longer stiff. My doctor gave me a ot of exercises where I'm supposed to use a hammer to go through range of motion with my wrist. It is a weight on a stick. Even though they are a bit lighter I'm doing these with the Indian clubs. This week I added some of the basic exercises, like this one: .

However, today I wanted to test my elbow a bit, so I played a little Wii Fit. I went throught he Tennis, Bowling, and Baseball exercises, and my elbow started to hurt so I stopped. It's improved a lot, but it's not healed.

I've managed to do some form of aerobics three times a week, which along with my rehab is all I'm trying to do right now. Most of this is at Map My Fitness and on Facebook. This week I bagged my Friday workout in favor of a long hike with a weighted backpack on both Thursday and Friday. My Wednesday workout was an aerobics class at Kensington Fitness, and Monday was Yoga. The week before I had gone to the gym a couple of times and done a lot of walking. I've been running in my five fingers on the treadmill, but no street running.

My nutrition, however, has not been as good. I haven't been keeping good track o it this week, but it's just as well because the holidays have been taking their toll.

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