Monday, May 14, 2012

Videos from Eastern Crown

CORRECTION! I found some Videos on YouTube from Eastern Crown. Here are two. The first one is my fight with Edward in the second round. I really thought I'd thrown a hook/thrust at him, but the video shows that I did not. You can see the slot I threw (it's right as he takes my leg, which is where the opening came from). Note how as soon as I change the position of my shield he takes advantage of it and hits me in the hip. The second one is of Edward and Marcus int he final fight. On the far field in this video you can see me in a really tough fight. I was so tired I could barely stand. I think you see the place where we double kill. Eventually I take his leg and step in but he gets me with his but spike in the face (yes, I just typed that....) This one is very instructional. It was long--5 minutes 44 seconds. I never felt threatened in it. This is the fight where I used my old sword and I now recall that it was because my opponent was left handed. The end is interesting. I had almost killed him with a thrust that he was going to take but I asked him not to because it was too high on his helm. However, that gave me the idea to try Duke Edric's foot stomp/thrust (which is just a variation of Rolf's foot-stomp/snap, once my bread-and-butter shot), which worked. What I had been working on over the past year was patience. I was training myself to be more of a counter-puncher and to wait for an opening instead of going on the offensive all the time in my Belatrix-influenced way. However, this fight might indicate that I was being too passive. The blow I killed him on was one of the very few "tricks" I tried to use, and one of the few times I initiated the action. Here is my sword and shield fight with Evalder. Counting double kills, he and I have fought seven fights in the last two crown tourneys. That's a lot. He is very intense. And finally, here is *part* of my fight with Jabril. It was obviously longer than ten minutes, because it this video is ten minutes long, starts in the middle, and ends before I have taken his arm. You can see a lot of stuff in it. There were some shots on both sides that looked good on video. At 2:39 he hits me in the head and seems to think it's good. The shot where I back handed him across the grill looks better on video than it felt at the time. It just shows that video is untrustworthy, because I was happy with the fight and I think he was too. It sure was long and hard, though! You can also see me going through my bag of tricks trying to find one that works, failing, going back to the hook/thrust, failing at that too. I am initiating a lot more action in this one than I was in the earlier fight (which is good). It is pretty cool.

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