Saturday, February 9, 2013

Get off your butt and train


The off season officially ended the day after my birthday, which happened to be the day after Birka. Now it is the training season. My season, as is most Easterners, is divided into Spring (May Crown Prep), Summer/Pennsic season, Fall (November Crown Prep), and Winter/Off/Birka season. It is now exactly eleven weeks till crown, 77 days, and I am pretty happy with where my off season prep went. My shield arm is a bit tired and my targeting is a bit off, and I am concerned about my endurance at this weight (222 yesterday  about nine pounds heavier than last crown, twelve over my ideal weight, though more of that is muscle than before), but my strength is pretty good.

So it's time to start training for crown. It would be hubris to say I plan to win crown, but that is certainly my goal. It's been 19 years since I was king of the West, and I need to step up my game again to what it once was (though I am no longer 30, so that's not entirely possible).

So here are my training goals for Crown:

Armor up and fight sixteen times.
Include in that 15 fighter practices, with four of those at Nutley and two in Iron Bog, plus one tournament.
log 55 workouts (that is only 5 per week and includes fighting, so that should not be hard).
Include 10 resistance workouts, 10 classes, 10 crossfit style WODs.
Hit the pell 5,000 times.

Some of those goals are lighter than I set for last crown, some are heavier. Last time I accomplished about half my training goals. This time I am shooting for all of them. Pell work is once again the hardest one to get through.

It is 77 days until crown. The next time I will be in armor will be at Iron Bog practice tomorrow.

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