Sunday, April 14, 2013

Grant's Tomb April 14 2013

Coming down to the wire in training for Crown, you start to worry about injury. You don't want to over do it, but you don't want to slack off. It really doesn't matter at this point. The real work was done in January and February, if you are worried about your training only now you have lost. What matters is how much you have worried about it for the last three months.

Is good. Indian clubs seem to be working. No pain in the elbow while lifting this week.

on Monday I did a WOD that invoked box jumps, and half way through my second set of fifty, as I landed, I hurt my back. That is why you are supposed to avoid high impact when you have a bulging disc, dummy! I rested on Tuesday and changed my routine for the rest of the week. When I have hurt my back I like to switch to more yoga and, if I lift, do circuit training because on the machines I am isolating muscle groups and not working out my vote muscles, which includes my back. I normally hate machines because they isolate muscle groups and don't work out my core. Did circuit training on Wednesday and Friday, plus a little yoga. The only other thing I did was walk.

I approached today's fighter practice as mostly a drill. There were five fighters in armor: me, Landon, Gui, Joe, and Lou. I started out working with Landon. I worked it like a Bellatrix session. Instead of just bashing, we did parry 5, 6, 4, and 3 drills. Then we did offense defense drills. The second time we limited ourselves to specific shots: one on side head, one on side leg, and a thrust. Then we fought three fights like it was Crown finals. Finally, we did a 1-6 pell drill and strike/thrust drills.

After that I trained Joe, our new fighter, who is not only energetic but big and strong.

Then we did a bear pit. We stayed out till we couldn't continue. Mostly I got my ass kicked. Landon was getting me the way Jan and Seischal got me at Mudthaw. He got Me to chase him and he either thrust my face or hit my leg. In fact, that's how Alden took me out of March Acrown last year.

My fights with Lou were good. I got him with a nice shoulder cut off a block.

My fights with Gui were brutal and painful. He hit me so hard I am considering skipping Nutley this week. The only time I got him was a belly shot past the back edge of his shield. That is where most of my kills against GUI have been lately.


It is 14 days until Crown. Although I may be at Nutley this week it is unlikely. The next time I will be in armor for sure will be next week at the Beau Geste.

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