Sunday, June 30, 2013

Finally back in armor!

Yes, it's been a while, but I didn't have that much to write about. I have not been in armor since Crown attorney. That was two full months. I had not intended to stay out of armor for two months, but that was the way it worked out. As it turned out, that just meant I spent two months training for the rugged maniac. 

During that time I logged 61 workouts. These included weights, push-ups, yoga, dancing, running, and cycling: but no fighting. Then, on Saturday, I ran the rugged maniac. On Sunday, I fought at the Riverfest demo!

The maniac was tough! I had an early start time, but it was still too hot! Agrippa ran it with me and, bless his heart, he doubled back when he got ahead of me, and then stayed with me the whole time. He probably could have won our wave if he hadn't done that. I know this because we finished in about 45 minutes. Then, having had so much fun, she went out and ran it again in the next wave. He finished in 33 minutes. 26 minutes was the overall winning time last year. He is a monster.

I thought I had trained well for this one, but I was wrong. Even though I beat my time from last year, I found it more exhausting. The reason is simple: after Crown I toned it down. I was mostly running and cycling, and did very few of the high intensity fitness workouts I have done before Crown or that I had done before last years rugged maniac. Time to go back to CrossFit.

It also totally wiped both of us out for the next day!

Riverfest demo was a lot of fun. We fought a couple of melees and I fought challenges, while marshaling the Beau Geste. There was no technique: I just wanted helmet time.

 My toughest bout of the day was against Landon at the end of a Grand Melee. I won after a very long and intense bout with a simple hanging parry/sabre cut--what i had been going for the whole fight. It proved once again my current major shortcoming: by going to a defensive fight, I lose a lot of offense. But my defense is great right now!

I also had some other great fights. Landon and I fought mace and buckler, and we each won two fights. I had some good sword and shield fights and sword and Buckler fights with Ervald. I killed Tycho with a behind the back shot. Slew many in the melees. Mostly, it was great to be back in armor!

That behind the back shot is just what it sounds like. I set it up with a wraparound, well cheating my left foot off-line a bit. Then I leaned forward to that and with my arm around behind my back, striking with the false edge of the sword. I used to thrust my hips forward when doing it, but now it's more of a lean and thrust upward with my whole body. It's hard to describe.

 It is 18 days till Pennsic. My next time and armor will be this weekend at northern region war camp.

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