Thursday, September 5, 2013

Nutley Practice 9/4/13

I am banged up. I over did it a bit. It was rough. But I killed Von Dresden, and that's worth all the pain. 

since my last post on the 21st outlining my training plan for crown I've been working hard but I have not really been following the plan. Mostly, it's been hard to get to the gym. 

8/21 I rode 23 miles on my bike
8/22 I did my AM workout--50 pushups and Rodney Yee's 20 minute "AM Yoga" program. It's a good 30 minute workout. 
8/23 I did a 50 minute dumbbell workout And rode 7.77 miles
8/24 I did he AM workout and walked 2.75 miles
8/25 I fought some sword and buckler fights in the Beau Geste and spent the rest of the day teaching
8/27 I rode 7.5 miles
8/28 I walked a mile
8/29 did the AM workout
8/30 AM workout plus 1.5 mile walk and 2.45 mile run around the reservoir
8/31 just a mile walk
9/1 a 1.33 mile walk
9/3 Farmers carries: 960 feet, two 45 pound plates, 960 feet, 25 pond db, alternate arms
Tonight: 5 mile bike ride, fight at Nutley

I went into Nutley wanting to work on my defenses. I was trying out high open form, a frame, and two variations on high closed form. This would be bad closer to the tourney but is far our it's ok. I am trying to find a defense that allows me to fight defensively but have more offense. I am still struggling with abandoning my old-school Western offensive style for a counter-punching style. I HATE the way it limits my offense. 

I jumped into the deep end of he pool and stayed there till the pool got shallow. 

Right off I fought Stephen Von Dresden. I actually killed him once. I drew my sword across like I had missed an off side leg then thrust him in the face. I also landed a hook thrust that he did not take. Mostly, my fights with him involved fighting down the panic. Thats the panic that come not with fear of pain but the adrenalin rush of trying to keep up with or neutralize his speed.  

Next I fought Kelson, who sad I was moving great but my shield was not. In other words, I'm coming out from behind it. The moving for the angles against him is a waste because it just means I die tired. I did not hit him once. I mostly used the Aframe against him, and was fine so long as I didn't do anything. 

Next I fought His Majesty Gregor. I did ok. I made a conscious decision to close instead of backing out, which led to my one victory, a top edge hook and snap. I almost landed it a second time ad the double killed with it a third. About half way through my fights with Gregor I realized that my arms were REALLY tired. They ached just holding my sword and shield up. Not only that, but I'd been that tired in my fights with Kelson too, I just hadn't thought about it. It really affected my offense, made it plainer. I was worried. I mean, I know I'm out of practice, but not that much. It wasn't till I was getting out of armor and was talking to Agrippa about workouts that it occurred to me that those waiters carries I'd done yesterday might have something to do with it! Duh! 

Next I fought Ionus (Breeder). I killed him with a cut across his Chet and we double killed. He was keying his defense off my footwork perfectly, so before I swung his block was in place. Awesome. Very Sagan like. I tried to use an off line ward with him, which was fine, but I was moving into his attacks from it. I found a stance that worked well: the ox, with feet in line. Will have to try that more. 

After that was Sir Cullyn. Up till that point I had killed breeder once, Gregor once, Stephan once, and Kelson not at all, plus I'd had two double kills (and maybe a third, against Stephen). Cullyn was fighting sord and shield, and I killed him four times and died three. I managed to get him with a stutter wrap and a hook thrust, plus a couple of off side cuts. The neat thing about that was that, about half way through, I realized that I could fight a high weak open form with him and it worked. By the end, however, all I could must was an old school Bellatrix offense. I was too tired for anything else. 

The last person left in armor was Larry. he was using sword and buckler. Not having a buckler I just used my gauntlet as one. I won more fights than I lost and and fun. We were the last two on he field. 

It is 59 days until Crown. My next time in armor will be at Barleycorn this Saturday

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