Monday, March 17, 2014

St Patrick's Day, 2014

As is often the case, I meant to post this earlier. I came up with the idea that Saturday Night was the best time to post to this blog, but I forgot an important principle: nobody wants to be sitting at a keyboard on a Saturday night.


Once again I am reeling sloppy. I fought at Nutley on Wednesday and at Acheron on Sunday, but, especially at Acheron, I felt all over the place.



I did twelve workouts last week, but I was slacking off. Seven of them were just 10 minutes doing 50 pushups a day. Mileage was terrible—just a 2.4 mile walk. However, that was with my armor in a back pack and carrying a shield, so it’s good practice for Pennsic. I also did a yoga class and the two fighter practices, but that was it. I need to log some more miles (and the temperature needs to stay above freezing!)



At Nutley I had a simple plan: I would fight six fights with everyone I faced. Two of them would be with an A-Frame defense, two of them would be goofy foot with a high-closed form, and two of them would be strong (shield foot lead) high closed form. I would also get in a pole ax set. When I did, I worked mostly a thumbs opposed technique employing a swim move, which I learned from David Civet. It’s inspired by le Jeu de la Hache, but instead of breaking down specific techniques it relies on some basic principles: use the que to attack, push the opposing ax aside by swimming yours (like a breast stroke), control the opposing ax by catching it between your hands. Acheron was mostly a teaching practice for me. The only technique I worked on was a high closed defense. I also fought a few fights with an 18” center grip round, because I wanted some fun time.



AT Nutley I fought four fighters: Jan Janovitch, and unbelted fighter named Demitrius, and two more unbelted fighters whose names I’ve forgotten (and I beg their apologies). All of them were right handed sword and shield fighters. My plan worked well, and even against Jan I won more fights than I lost. I found that I was effective out of all three styles. So long as I’m ready to void the right leg, the weak high closed form (goofy foot) is probably the safest, but that always has the least offense. I didn’t slip into Bellatrix at all this time. Against Jan I’m still convinced that high closed form is the best. I just need to remember how he hunts arms. I was able to read and pick apart everyone’s fight. Against Jan with Pole  Axes I had fun. He had the matched rubber headed axes, which sometimes don’t hit hard enough. I found that the thumbs opposed style was very good against him.


At Acheron I fought Ervald, Zack, Andrew and Samale, the usual four. Gui and I didn’t cross swords at all. This was where I was getting sloppy. Part of this was because it was training mode—I was intentionally sloppy in a couple of fights, presenting openings to see if they got hit, but then when I didn’t intend to be so I was still being sloppy. I did manage to get Ervald with a floating thrust from the hip, one of my favorite things to kill with, and nailed Samale with a hook thrust. Best part of the practice was fighting Sam and Zack using the 18” center grip. I lost more fights but had a lot of fun.


I was also more sore after that practice than I’ve been since Birka. I’m not sure why. Regardless, I’m taking a rest. The next time I’ll be in armor is Saturday at Mudthaw. There are sixty-one days until Crown.

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