Thursday, May 15, 2014

Final Crown Prep

Last night I edged my shield and made a new sword (blade--I still have to put the basket hilt on it). Tomorrow I take the long drive up to Montreal. Time to assess. 

I know I can win this crown. It's a tougher list than the last one, but I am a tougher fighter right now than I was--my defense has improved considerably over the last six months. 

I'm still not settled on how I want my sword balanced with this new style. 

I'm in great shape aerobically--I'm outlasting a lot fo guys--but I don't know if that will be good deep in the list. 

I met few of my training goals. It was odd. My training dropped off at Spring Break when, because I had more time, it should have picked up. Mostly that was poor planing. 

Here were my goals as of February 15: 

I want to be in armor 20 times, which is a lot in 13 weeks in NYC, but not impossible. 
Push-ups every day
25 gym workouts
130 total miles
Fight in Two Beau Gestes, Mudthaw, and at least one other event. 

The actual final tally looks like this: 
Total number of workouts = 130 
16 times total in armor
50 push ups every day
106.77 miles total biking/running/hiking (map my fitness doesn't break it out in their stats)
26 gym workouts
I fought in Mudthaw and two Beau Gests but nothing else. 

That last one bothers me. I really should have been able to be in armor twenty times, stomach flu and spring break not withstanding. Other than that I've been active, I'm in good shape, and I'm fighting well.

It is two days until Crown, which will be my next time in armor.