Monday, February 23, 2015

Ironbog, February 22

This lay off was too long. It really affected me. The lay off has been for a number of reasons: concussion, shoulder injury, mostly there was a malaise about the SCA. I was just bummed out over the reaction to crown. The result was, I managed to get in armor three times since crown before today. Basically once a month. I've been pretty active, but it hasn't helped. My shield arm tired out right away. I was more winded than I ever remember being. I'm on the fourth day of a vegan liquid diet (first week of lent) which I think also had a lot to do with it. Regardless, endurance has been my strongest trait, I need to get it back. 

I'm averaging about 10,000 steps and doing 50 push ups daily, plus yoga a couple times a week. Also shoulder rehab with the Indian clubs. I did a killer WOD two weeks ago: 5x3 of power cleans, front squat, and squat cleans. But I hurt my shoulder. Then I got sick for two weeks and didn't get back to the gym. 

I need to start a workout program. 

None. This was just about helmet time. 3/4 of the time I was fighting an a frame, but that's all. 

I fought like ass. I fought Ron three different sets. I also fought Harold and three other unbelted fighters. 

Against Ron, especially our first set, I hit him three or four times with no power. That was a lack of practice plus a light sword. My second set of fights I did better. I killed him with a stutter wrap and--no kidding--a wavy rising snap. I faked him out so good his shield was around his knees and his head was wide open. Our third set he just calmly and surgically kicked my ass. Like completely embarrassed. 

My other fights were good. They were all hard hitting energetic unbelted fighters who would make you pay if you made a mistake. Two of them I was able to surgically dissect myself. All of them hit me hard at least once. Three things stand out. 

First, was my endurance. It was terrible. I was gasping for air after the first couple bouts of every set. This was also my shield arm, which is weak, and my power, which is low. 

Secondly, I was not in the early fights mentally. I did not have any focus, and my mind was wandering. 

Worst part, I was getting in my own way. I caught my forearm on my shield edge. I totally missed a couple of shots off of fakes. 
It's a lot of rust to be knocked off. 

It is 63 days until crown. My next time in armor will be Thursday at Wantagh. 

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