Wednesday, September 26, 2007

McCaren Park Practice

Practice was pretty good last night. Count Steven from Lochac was there with his son. Kaz came out, plus our usual crowd. Having another knight there was great, because I don't get to Nutley any more and I'm at least trying to train up a bit for crown. I needed to fight some chiv. Of course, he fights nothing like anybody around here, and uses an even more manly shield than I do.

I started out fighting Kaz. He wasn't near as sharp as he had been at Hunter's Moon, I veat him with a simple cut from five, a deep wrap, and with the face thrust as he was closing whiel I was on my knees (same thing I killed Billwith at K&Q).

Then we did a bear pit that Sir Steven sat out. I went through the line twice before I started goofin off and Kaz killed me.

Fighting Sir Steven was a blast. He is very elegant. I managed to kill him with a hook thrust and a deep wrap. He got me with an offside headshot.

Best thing after that was fighting greatsword against Zorikh and Avram. Zorikh actually killed me a fewtimes when he was fighting florentine. I've been teaching Avram the Belatrix greatsword style (which the folks over in Jersey put down) and he's having a pretty hard time of it. (I have a hard time with it, so that's not surprising).

Did some sword and buckler too.

Sir Steven reccomended checking out "The Sword and the Mind" by Yagu Muenori (of the scrolls fame). He says there are some very practical techniues in it that work well in SCA fighting.

But we need more knights at McCaren Park!! There's even parking!

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