Monday, October 1, 2007


I said awhile back there are about six techniques in the SCA. I actually know how to throw an onside head blow eight different ways: with a bellatrix snap, a gendy snap, a mollinee, a Peregrine snap, with brute force, passing on the right, and three false edge cuts: a snap/wrap, a wrist breaker (which is like a mollinee that hits with the back edge), and a shallow wrap (which is when you throw a wrap when you're in close with your hand behind your ear, so that it hits him on the side of the helm not the back). Wait: that's nine. But do we need so many shots? Bellatrix for years had one shot. He only started using wraps a year or two ago.


Ben said...

You need 3. Snap, offside, wrap.
I'm not sure I agree with your 9 classifications (like Gendy vs. Bellatrix vs molinier). And those "wrist breakers" or reverse wraps (I think that's the same shot) are awfully hard to land with power.

Uther throws a reverse wrap (basically a false edge to the offside helmet) which isn't devastating but it's surprising and he doesn't expose very much throwing it. I can't even throw it.

MAC said...

Bellatrix a gendy are radically different. The mollinier I'm not so sure about. It's kind of in between. The old Peregrine wrist snap is also tough.

I can throw the wrist breaker with power to the top of the head, but the side is harder. Beck and Thoms Edmund were the guys who really mastered that shot. It was tricky, and just came out of nowhere.