Friday, February 8, 2008

Brooklyn Fighter Practice

We've got a new indoor fighter practice in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. It's on Sundays at 11 AM. I will be going this weekend for the first time.

Below is the announcement from the Whyte Whey list:


Site is a large warehouse, there is tons of room, even polearms are fine.
Site is 2-3 blocks from the N train stop (59th St)
Has plenty of parking, in a guarded lot
Fighters will be allowed to leave armor/weapons/whatever in the warehouse if they don't want to transport them each week.
There are bathrooms and a drinking fountain readily available.
Because of regularly spaced cement columns, melees are less than ideal, but still possible.
Plenty of chairs
No floor fees

There are only two issues.
The warehouse is under-heated. It is still good for fighting, but we may want to use the (well heated) office to change. Just don't stink it up too badly....
As stated, this is a guarded parking lot. To get in, tell the gate guard that you are going to a meeting at Quality Conservation. (Bldg A, unit 8M) If you mention anything about SCA, or fight practice, or such... it will just really confuse them.

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