Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fighting Video

I saw this great video of me fighting Rolf at June Crown 2006. Rolf won this crown and I lost to him and the other finalist, Duke Hauoc. It was one of my best fighting days in awhile. If you look at me I'm fighting the classic Bunny-round high form and it's working, but my targeting seems to be a bit off. At least one shot I put right into the middle of his shield. I clearly remember why I lost this fight:P I went for his off side leg and opened myself up doing so. Rolf is a trigger fighter who trained with Sagan for a long time, so it was a risk. But what I see in this video is that in both cases where I get struck I practically invitged him to hit me with my shield position. I opened my head *after* I hit him in the leg, which isn't what I remembered doing. In the case of the leg shot I did a standard small shield thing: if you don't know where the sword is and your sword is busy, guard your head.

I've been fighting Rolf since the day first I got into armor, and I have never beaten him.

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