Sunday, December 14, 2008

Beau Geste

Today was the first monthly tournament in Brokenbridge. There were six fighters in the round robin. I won, going through clean. It was a fun day. The name of the tournament is the Beau Geste (a grand but meaningless gesture), so I will be known as "le beau geste" for the next month.

My first fight was Timur, whom I beat with a wavy rising snap.

My second fight was Alexandre, who was fighting two sword. We took each others legs at the same time. IO tried a new trick on him. I banged my sword on the ground between his legs and then deflected it up into his belly.

My thrid fight was Luis, who as usual was using sword and great ax. A tough fight. We circled and felt each other out for awhile. He took my leg but didn't range me well enough. As he was backing out from a combo I lunged and extended, stabbing him in the armpit.

My fourth fight was Vasillis, who was fighting lefty. After lots of exchanges, I popped him on the top of the helm with an offside shot.

my last fight was Oscad. It was the last fight of the day and we were both clean. It was a really good fun fight. I took his arm and he yielded, which I asked him not to do but he insisted.

The idea behind this tourney. like the Crapaud in Cynagua and others around the knowne world, is to give fighters practice fighting in tourneys. In the west they have done this for years, sometimes formally as with the Crapaud, sometimes impromputu, like the occasional tournaments Luck used to run at BART practice back in the early 80s. They are really useful, as they give fighters experiences that you can only get in tournaments.

Next month I can't fight and have to run the tournament (I essentially ran this one too).

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