Tuesday, December 23, 2008


One of our local fighters has been asking me for a workout. As I've said in the past, yoga and spin are the things that work best for me. But since I got my personal trainer certification I no longer have an excuse not to post a work out. So I'm starting with this:

Dailies: this is what I do when I'm seirously training. This should take no more than 30 minutes and should be done every day.

* Stretching. Most important are hamstrings and lower back, then shoulders, claves, wrists. A couple of sun salutations will take care of most of it and do your core as well, but you can also do gym stretches or dance stretches or runners stretches. Just be sure to take it easy, work out your hams and back, and stop if it hurts.
* Jumping Jacks: start with 25 and build to fifty.
* Crunches: start with 20 and build to on hunrdred.
* Push ups: start with ten and build to twenty five.

* Pell Work: I tell all my students to hit he pell 100 times a day. Start with 25 straight snaps. Then build to 100.
* Slow work: shadow fight or kata for five to ten minutes.

Andother good aproach is set a goal. The two good ones are based on the number 100. Count Gemeni, who runs Die Grendelus school, starts everybody out with a program he calls a century, which consists of 100 strikes at the pell for a period of 100 days. Svava recommended the program outlined at http://hundredpushups.com/, where the goal is to train yourself up to doing 100 pushups.

Personally right now I'm re-habbing my shoulder and using dumbells. But Saturday, in addition to rehab, I did spin class and my clean and jerks, building up to 115 pounds. My goal is 135 by Mudthaw.

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