Sunday, February 22, 2009

BAT Practice 2/22/09

My shoulder hurts.

Aside from Wolfy pasting my shoulder it was an ok practice. I fought Wolfy, Oscad, Vasilli, Everet, and Timur. I was using Timur's center grip round, which is the same size as my wooden one but a bit lighter. I am certainly doing a bit better than at Birka. I found that using it flat against my arm in a hig form, which had been working last year, wasn't working this year, but suing a sword foot forward guard was, even though I don't have as much offense out of that stance my defense was much better. I fought four fights with Oscad and each of us won two. My best fight In the first fight I won i took his leg fighting from a sword forward lead. Then I stepped in and jammed him with the center grip and hit him in the arm. The second fight I won he took my leg and I somehow managed to fake a leg shot and thrust him in the face. I found that in all those fights I was being much more aggressive, even when on my knees.

The rest of my fights were mostly teaching fights.

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