Monday, March 30, 2009

More on shield sizes

Ok, I'm getting a bit tired of banging on this drum. I find the angst in the West on this issue embarrassing, but that's mostly because I had to work through my own angst over this issue--and my own prejudices--when I moved to the East. But a foreigner at Mudthaw, knowing I was from the West, asked me quite seriously "Is there any stigma attached to large shields in the East?" My answer was, of course, "hell no." He said he'd be embarrassed to be seen with some of the shields being used at Mudthaw. I told him I had felt that way once upon a time, but I got over it (mostly). Since I used a 40" kite for three of my Mudthaw fights (and had a blast doing so, I might add), I really can't say anything, but it was interesting to see that other people besides me notice these things.

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