Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mud Thaw

Mud Thaw was alot of fun. I didn't doo too great, but I did go five rounds and I killed a knight. I got knowcked out by Sterling and by Horace. I fought the whole day with a hurt hand. I got it hit in my warmup with Conrad and I couldn't grip my sword all day.

My first round fight I honestly can't remember. Ummmm. It was only this morning.... Umm.... Oh, right: Joseph von Ulm. I didn't like that fight, not because of anything he did but because I wasn't fighting well. I got him with a saber cut as he took my leg, but I didn't think I was fighting well.

Second round was Sterling. I should have beaten Sterling. I threw a real nice leg shot on him--faked the thrust and then cut the leg--but then I got sloppy and he took my arm. No excuse for it. We had a long fight after that, with me standing with just my left hand and him on his knees sword and shield. I almost got him, and we almost double killed, but he won in the end.

Third round I had Mitchel McBain, my nephew. I through a wavy rising snap and hit him a bit high on the helm. Then I did it again and killed him.

Fourth round I borrowed a 40 inch strapped kite shield. I fought a big tall VDK guy named Sigerfurther. It was a good long fight, and the kite was fun to use. I fought it pretty good. I took his arm and then his leg and then cut his belly.

Fitfth round I had Horace. THat was the most fun I had all day. It was a good long fight. Timur will put a video up on YouTube of it. Ron said I was too impatient.

Piuckups were good too.

Lucan won Kings and Queens. Kelson won the Mudthaw list.

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