Sunday, July 18, 2010

BAT practice

So I got into armor at BAT today, first time I've actually practiced in about two months. Oscad, Gui and I were the only fighters there, and it was very hot. I was out of practice, Gui even more so, and Oscad was really burnt out having fought in the heat at SRWC the day before.

Whine whine whine!

Actually it was fun and a really good practice. Oscad is so on his game and good right now that he is a really tough fight, and Gui is always a challenge.

My first two fights with Oscad I was warming up. I didn't even swing a blow the first fight. I dont' recall who won the second. Then we got into it and I was fighting pretty well. the best thing I did to him was the second time I took his leg. I have this thrust I sometimes use where I lock my arm in what is basically an engarde position, either high or in the A-frame guard, move the tip forward and then lean in to complete the thrust. It is kind of hard to describe, but the important thing about it is that I don't move my arm once the point is locked on. I'ts basically a short lunge with my arm bent, but It's more of a roll forward than a lunge. So I through this at Oscad and he blocked it, but his whole helm disappeared behind the corner of his shield and I said "ah-ha!" I did the same thing and took his leg. I use a thrust/leg shot all the time, but normally when someone does that they are changing the direction of travel of their hand. In this case my arm is still locked in an engarde postion as the thrust travels forward, so the cut comes faster and harder.

Against Gui I had some good moments. He was using old school Belatrix offense starting behind his head, so I used an old school belatrix attack and hit him with a wavy rising snap. I got in right behind his shield. As usual I did best against him when I focused my offense forward and attacked out of time. I am mostly trying to be patient and defend right now, attacking when an opening appears. Against Gui that is a recipe for disaster, and he ate my lunch.

A good, if hot, day.

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STAG said...

I can't do that thrust-lunge. I'll have to practice it.