Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nutley 9/15/2010

Practice last night. First of all we waited for an hour for Robert to show up at BAT so we could get in and get our armor. Then he didn't even come with us to Nutley. Then we were stuck in traffic in New Jersey. It took us an hour to get from the Medowlands to Nutley. We didn't get there till 9:20. Kelson, Jabril, Stephan and Chrsitian were all getting out of armor. I really wanted to fight those guys.

Thankfully Douglas and a few other guys stayed in armor to fight with us. I also got some great sword fights with Gregor, just in case.

Doug kicked my ass. Fighting him cold is never a good idea. By the last few passes I was doing fine.

I tried ltos of techniques agaisnt Gregor--Belatrix style, some Liechteneur technique, Gui's back edge techniques, some of the stuff I developed. What i discvered was that the best technique to use agaisnt Gregor is the Gregor technique. He fights with his sword high in front of his face and cuts down in arcs right and left. I did manage to take his leg with Gui's back edge technique. I think i killed him twice and he killed me eight or ten times.

Against Erick, who fights shourtswordin a dagger grip and broadsword, I always have trouble. I played witha few things to see what worked. Chasing after his leg actually worked, as did thrust on the center line.

Agaisnt Bill, whow as very tired, and against Seichal, I just tried to hunker downa dn fight a closed fight--mostly at range, closed defense, alternating thrusts and cuts--and it worked pretty good.

But I need to fight Stephan.

Videos of the fights at BAT Sunday are on facebook. i'll see if I can post them here.

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