Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nutley 9/29

I feel pretty good about Nutley.

I warmed up with Oscad. Slow work is kind of like watching poker on TV. It's really easy to know what to do when you can see the other guy's cards. When we went full speed for one fight he chewed me up and spit me out.

I fought Gregor and my fights were great. We felt each other out for a long time I was happy with my defense. working on what he said I saved the thrust. And then I saved it some more. Eventually he took my leg. He through a blow, I blocked it, hooked his shield and stabbed him in the throat. He said something like "excellent!" I was happy. I killed him twice more, both times by slipping into a gap in his defense. and hitting him onside as he was doing something. Once it was when I flashed my shield at him, paused and cut.

I fought Christian. That was also fun. i did really well. Was able to pick his attacks up pretty far back, which helped. I found that when he threw a snap he was dropping his shield, and I used that to my advantage a few times. I also moved right when i threw a snap, and so my sword was defending my head where his was not.

I also fought Doug. I fought with short sword and arming sword to his two arming swords. Naturally, he mostly ate my lunch, but i got a couple of good kills on him--one in particular by using my crossed arm technique. What I realized was that, corps to corps, I was not using my shortsword to pin his arm, which was the whole point of bringing it. My mind wasn't directing my hand to do what it was supposed to be doing. So my mind wasn't right. Got to work on that.

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