Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nutley 10/13/2010

Well, I might have taken a step backward.

I needed to go to Nutley to pick up my new sword from Bill. And I wnated a bit more helmet time before Crown. But trying to work out the nuances of the new sword led me to be sloppy. I was all over the place.

I warmed up with and fought with McCrimmon, I fought that cool Acre knight with teh 14th Century rig, I fought Szeitchel, I fought Lucan's squire (Cullen?) with the polearm, and I fought Big Bill.

My new sword has a very small basket hilts (Bill was very specifically controlling the weight). I tried it with my usual demi, with a street hockey glove, and with my demi over the street hockey glove. They all changed the grip in various ways. The basket was really too small for just the demi--my fingers were getting knocked around. The demi plus the glove filled it, which made some shots easier but most harder. I prefer to hold the sword in my bare fingers.

So I was doing all sorts of weird stuff--very weird for the last practice before Crown. I was using the leg forward style I have been concentrating on, but also using a Western style, and a shield forward style. I was squaring up. I fought in that lean forward hunch over stance Uther uses. I tried all sorts of things.

I did get some great kills that I wouldn't have gotten with my other sword. a couple of times I just beat Szeitchel with speed shots, molinees high to the top of the head. I also got her the a hook thrust.

Big Bill was really throwing me off. He was wild and strong and aggressive, which is the best way to fight me because it doesn't allow me to setup and throws my defense wide, which throws it off. In those fights where I reverted to basics--maintaining distance, sword foot forward, tight defense and counter punch--the stuff I am trying to train myself into, I was fine and I killed him. But most of the time I was trying old school stuff or fancier movement, and I was leaving myself open.

I got at least three people, maybe four, with my current money shot, the low leg block counter punch. Worked well. I was not doing well with wraps, and I had trouble generating enough power sometimes. But what I really needed--patience--seeemd to be lacking. Plus I didn't' get to fight any dukes, which is the main reason I like to go to Nutley.

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