Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Messing with crown.

People often object to the king messing with criwn. In most kingdoms there are no restrictions on crown. Everybody brings their best fight. In the east there is a tradition of multiple weapon formats in finals, which I have heard people object to. But sometimes it goes even farther. Two crowns ago the East used a pool play format for the first round, with four round Robinson and four people advancing from each. Last crown the round robin was limited to great weapon. This time the round robin will be any weapon, but the double elimination section will be best two out of three, a different set of matched weapons each round. Once upon a tome in An Tir Barek declared only center grip round shields for his crown. Cowryn fought with a five inch roundel. Michael in Atlantia declared no thrusting tips. Now Rolf has declared all swords in Western Crown must have a cross hilt. They can have a basket hilt, but must have a cross hilt too.

Ok. Rolf is my boy as well as being king. I think it is a bit silly, and since I'm not fighting I have no skin in it. I think it is the king's list, and however he wants to play it we play it that way. Cross halted swords will shake a lot of people up. Could be fun.

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Ze'ev Felsen said...

It seems to me that saying "the tournament will require weapons depth" is something wholly different from requiring only center-grips or cross-hilts. When your tournament format requires new equipment, you have crossed a line. I know a knght who had to borrow a polearm because he never uses polearms. Fine. But saying: "yes, that's a shield, but I want a specific kind of shield" just seems excessive.

Can the king do it? Sure. Do I think it is a dumb idea? yes. But I am just beginning to fight heavy, so take it for what it is worth: one man's opinion.