Monday, April 2, 2012

Feeling good

Well, I have recovered from March Crown. I took a couple of days off from working out and my elbow and shoulder feel good.

Elbow is really unchanged. It is a bit stiff, occasionally sore, but not debilitating. I have a feeling it is going to feel like this for several months. I have been doing my PT and it seems to help. If I drop it it hurts more. Seems like it is working more or less fine.

I didn't get back on the exercise bandwagon till Friday, when I hiked from work, across the Brooklyn Bridge, and over to the Jay Street station. Not a huge hike but a good workout. Saturday I did a "Workout of the Day" workout and now, two days later, my quads are *still* burning! Ouch! Today I did clubs in the morning and I'm about to go to the gym.

In the best laid plans department, nobody in town wanted to go to the Moose Lodge practice in Jersey, and I didn't want to spend the money on a zipcar just for me, so I didn't fight yesterday and, at this point, may not fight until after Gaston Phoebus.

However! Ron directed me to a video of my fight with Alden, which, as I've indiated, at first made me feel great and later made me feel like a fool. Looking at the video, the fool part was the right response!

Here is what Ron had to say about it: "I watched your fight with Alden; You let him control the fight, You moved you shield around way more than you needed to reacting the second you saw something, You relied way too much on thrusts, You were way too squared up. That is what I saw." That about sums it up for me, the video just points it out even more clearly. Alden had me from the lay-on. I needed to tighten my defense, be more precise, use more cuts, and not play his game. Duke Reinmar posted the video, and he's got some other good stuff on his YouTube feed.

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STAG said...

Not as shabby as you seem to think.

Impressive fighters, both.