Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hey! Another post??

A brief additional post, odd for a Wednesday.

Forgot to do my rehab this morning.

Haven't fought since Monday (there was a monthly regional in Philly, but I couldnt' swing it).

Had a GREAT workout on Monday, with weights, stretching, and aerobics, plus the Indian clubs that morning. Yesterday I waled 5.89 miles, from 138th to the F train stop at 57th and 6th, snaking my way through Central Park along the way. The City's back yard in Spring! *sigh*

The real reason I'm posting: here is video of that fight between Alden and Brand, like I said, it was truly epic!

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STAG said...

I fear most of this fight took place in the combatant's mind. When they finally stopped pscyching themselves and each other out, it got more, um...interesting.

Almost no wasted shots. Oh sure, a couple of trial snipes from the polearm, but the swordsman was nice and tight, and did not waste his energy.

This video is excellent in that it shows the mental part of fighting. Thank you for showing it here.