Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ok, So, I'm an Idiot...

Let’s talk about stupidity for a moment. I am an idiot. I do stupid things—like hit myself in the head with a broadsword while not wearing a helmet. Not that I intended to do this, no, but it was stupid nonetheless. At practice last week Gui and I were showing some combinations to a new fighter. We ahd no pell, so Gui came up with the idea of having Anton, while in armor, hold a plearm next to himself, braced against his knee. The idea was that you could target Anton but not hit him. So I am showing this guy an on-side head, onside leg shot. I do it with a teardrop return (easy) and then I try it with an overhead return. The bounce off the polearm plus me pulling the sword back bounced it right into my forehead with a  loud “CLOCK!” I knew right away that I had a concussion. I can’t ever remember having a concussion before—at least not like this: maybe when the log got dropped on my head. I was a bit queasy in the stomach, a bit woozy. I couldn’t focus my thoughts. My head felt big. Nothing was severe—no headaches, I wasn’t really nauseous, I just felt odd. The next day I definitely had symptoms—queasiness, headache, etc. That was Friday. On Saturday I was leaving for Bermuda. I had some symptoms on Saturday as well but by Sunday (our beach day) everything felt fine. No symptoms—no headaches, no nausea, no dizziness--Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday. Went to my doctor today and she gave me a clean bill of health  (today I do have a slight headache, but that is from the weather change and the fact that I am on a liquid diet to lose the weight I gained in Bermuda).

Anyway, what it means is a crimp in my training schedule.

Everything feels great with my elbow. My Achilles is still thick but it will be for months. Lots of walking or biking puts a strain on it, but nothing big. I am doing my exercises and they appear to be working.

I rode 55.55 miles (though that included 6.4 miles on a stationary bike at the gym). I did an excellent barbell workout on Monday and a 40 minute yoga class on Tuesday, but took it easy after my concussion. I did walk a lot on Saturday in Bermuda. This week’s workouts (it’s now Wednesday) have been good. I worked out at the hotel gym on Sunday then went snorkeling. I biked fifteen miles yesterday and worked out on the par course at Coney Island for half an hour. I will certainly make my gym and probably my cycling goals for the week.    

Was almost non-existent. I did not make it to Nutley on Wednesday. I got some helmet time in on Thursday but all I did was fight Zorikh a few times and Anton once or twice before my tragic pell accident. Still, it counts as fighting. However, although my doctor gave me the go ahead to start practicing again, I will not be practicing this week or fighting at Cloisters this weekend (too bad—I love the Cloisters demo) just to be safe.   

It is 32 days until Crown Tourney. The next time I will be in armor will be either next Wednesday at Nutley or next Thursday at McCarren Park. 

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