Monday, September 10, 2012

Ooops. Blog form 9/1/12

So believe it or not, I accidentally posted last week's post to another blog. Oops.  Here is my blog from 9/1

It has been an intense week. First week of the semester. The weather has been great and I got 50 miles in by Wednesday (Gui pointed out the he used to do 50 miles before work. Bastard). But it was hard to get my workouts in especially with the gym at school not open yet.

I was lax in my elbow rehab. I only got it in twice. I felt it. I felt my Achilles to. For weeks it had been feeling good but after two weeks of 50 miles on the bike it was aching a bit.

I ended up riding in the first part of the week and working out the second. I had great rides and great workouts. I had a great yoga class on Monday. Friday I did an awesome WOD, maxing out on back squats, shoulder presses, and dead lifts. (235, 115, and 245 lbs.) today I did an hour long, very intense Indian clubs and kettle bells workout. In order to get in my 500 strikes on the pell I had to do 250 twice.

The only thing I wanted to work on this week was single hip techniques. Never got the chance.

Thursday night practice we had four new guys in class. I gave them some distance drills. We did the advancing and retreating drill where they tried to keep out of range. Then we did some closing drills and slow work.

There were only three fighters in armor: me, Gui, and Landon, the new guy from Lochac via CAID. He is awesome. He fights like an Orkney, or as he was quick to point out like the old Orkneys who are now Myrmidons. He is Corvis and fights with a center grip oval, he is squirrelly and hits hard. I won most of our fights but was forced out of my game to do it. I did not get a chance to fight Gui because he hurt his wrist.

Good practice.

My next time in armor will be Wednesday at Nutley. I will be fighting at Barleycorn. It is 56 days until crown.

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