Saturday, March 16, 2013


I hadn't done the con thing in a long time. It was odd being there and trying to figure out why. Back in the day I went to cons to meet girls, but the SCA took over that roll in my life. I'm also not drinking right now, and I don't read much SF. I was there for the demo and to see some old friends. I was reminded o how much fun cons can be, and almost wishes I was staying for the parties.

I have been a slug. I haven't done my rehab this week. Elbow feels fine for now.

I have been a slug here too. I was racked up after Beau Geste so I didn't work out on Monday. My workouts this week consisted of three days of doing 50 pushups plus on one of those days 50 pliƩ releves in various foot positions.

I am really glad I went to the demo because the fighting was a blast. Traveling light, I just brought arming sword, buckler, and greatsword. There were three other fighters: Ervald, Avran, and Chuck from Three Skulls.

Fighting Chuck I used a lot of my basic tricks and they worked: Martin's leg shot, wavy snap, and Hauoc's bait and switch. They all worked. Later, I got Ervald with a wavy rising snap.

Ervald and I fought bastard swords, he won two to one. I did best using Gregor's high form in the first two fights.

Against Avran in a greatsword fight I think I beat him four or five to one. in both of these fights I got killed when I went wild to put on a show.

Ervald and I fought counted blows with sword and buckler. I hit him nine times to four.

Theee kills against Chuck on his knees were the best things I did. First one was when i killed him with Ed's butterfly.Second was when i was using gemini's combo setting up the face thrust.
I was supposed to use Gemeni's magic button techniue, throwing a backhand then pressing the bottom of the shield and thrusting. only his was out I'd place.
I turned my press into a shield hook and cut him. That was great because I had a plan but changed it on the fly. My best fight was the last, sword and dagger vs Chuck's sword and shield. I took his leg by faking a face thrust and rolling it into his leg. Then I reversed grip on the dagger. I threatened him with both points but then threw the shot Radnor learned from Ed: miss the back hand high and tighten the pinky, reversing direction on the blow and cutting the head. That worked perfectly.

It is 42 (corrected) days until Crown. My next time in armor will be Wednesday at. Nutley.

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