Monday, March 4, 2013

Mini practice

It was 28 degrees this morning and a lot of people bowed out of practice today. Alexander, who lives near by, said he would come but not bring his armor. At first it was just Gui and I, and Gui only had his ax with him. We were not in a hurry. But the Tycho showed up so I decided to suit up. Suddenly it was 47 and I was beginning to be sorry I wore my Under Armor.

I am only using the Indian clubs right now. I am not sure how it is working on my left elbow, but everything else is cleared up and I feel good.

According to my monthly workout summary from, I had 28 workouts last month-- that I've a day, although a lot of this were days when I had two workouts, and that also includes fighting. I also supposedly burned 16,440 calories. Not bad. This week I had some fun. In addition to some hiking, pushups, and yoga, I went to the gym twice. Wednesday I did a cool triple threat workout at school--20 minutes on the treadmill, 20 minutes on a dumbbell workout, and 20 minutes of yoga. I pushed the dumb bells hard and it felt good. Friday I did a WOD from a couple days before, Grace, which was 30 clean and jerks with 95 pounds for time. My time was slow, 12 minutes, but the workout was great.

My plan was simple. Build on how good I had done at Nutley by working on one thing, with one backup thing. The one thing was walking around my thrust, like before, and the backup thing as an offense out of an A frame. But with just Tycho in armor it quickly turned into a training day. First we did a set of fights with both of us starting on our knees, aside from him patterning me and killing me by breaking the pattern--he kept going off side head / body wrap and when I decided to launch into it by following his first shot back he double struck to my head and I walked right into it--other than that I did nothing stupid. Well, that is not quite true. Eventually I fell into m old habit of getting bored and practicing new stuff. I knew I was over doing it when I started using Duke Branos technique, which is kind of like Kelson's version of the A frame, but with a crouch. It's odd. Google his videos. I NEVER fight that way, and I have no idea if it is even feasible against a lefty.

After that we did situational drill. I started on my knees and he started standing, then I stood, the we both fought from our knees. The lesson I took from this was that the combo I worked out against Zach works against Tycho as well. Following the trust by stepping off line, passing on the right, then throwing a wrap.

Alexander decided that we were having so much fun that he went home and got his armor. I worked Joe for a bit. I think it was his first time in armor. He has some naturally skills.

Against Alexander I again was doing some stupid stuff, but those were very fun fights. I tried an A frame but he broke it down by going for low line thrusts. I fought a lot of classic Bellatrix because I had been showing him a rising snap, and I killed him with a wavy rising snap, but it left too many hotels in my defense. Then I changed up and decided he thing i was going to work on was fighting at range, once my forte. After that we had some long fights but I won all of them.

It was a fun practice. It is 55 days until Crown, and I am not sure when my next time in armor will be (hopefully Nutley this week).

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