Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Old, tired, and worn out. That is how I feel right now. I've been on a downward slope since Crown, which is odd because I did very well. For the first time in a long time I honestly felt like a contender. Not a bum. Which is..... oh, wait a minute.....

100 minutes ware was the first time I'd been in armor since Crown. I took a week off to recover and then deer season started. My workouts have lightened up considerably. I've been going to Yoga and Spin, but I've only lifted twice since Crown (and I was supposed to lift today but won't).

There's also a weight issue. Last year, after cheating a bit for a couple of years, I finally  went off the Atkins diet. I had lost 75 pounds about eight years ago and gained about 10-15 of it back. That put me floating between 210 and 215. I was pretty happy there. Then, last Thanksgiving, I decided "screw it! I'm going to eat what I want tis holidays." I didn't go crazy. I was moderate, but I didn't skip deserts, I didn't avoid mashed potatoes or yams, and I didn't avoid wine. By January 1 I weighed 225. I worked and floated between 215 and 220 most of the year, but here it is the week of Thanksgiving and I weight 225. I'd better not behave like I did last year or I'll be big again.

This is the first year that 100 minutes has not been on the same date as opening day of deer season, so I decided I had to go. It's SUCH a fun event, like the old resurrection wars back in the West. I had a blast, but I felt really slow.

Since crown I've worked out 13 times, but a lot of those have been "walking" which equalled hunting. Hunting whitetails means mostly sitting, but I do some still hunting and I have to hike in and out to my stand. I did help Big Mike pull a buck out of the woods on opening day. I've also been making Sin Class and Yoga once a week.

None to speak of. I'm not working on anything in particular.

I didn't do much sword and shield fighting at 100 minutes. In fact, this set with Deterich von Blooguard is about all of it:

I felt really slow and hesitant in this fight, and it shows. There are a couple of times when I'm obviously not committing  to whatever it is I'm doing. But my defense was sound.

(SCATally usually has the best videos of East Kingdom fighting. Check out his channel at Youtube.com.)

As an added bonus, here's me being soundly beaten by Ionis at last crown:

I fought about 95 minutes of the 100 minute battle with my spear. I'm not the greatest spearman in the world. I've done it all my life, but I've only been fighting it seriously for about three years now. I have five techniques: left foot/left hand lead (the "pool cue" technique), which is the strongest; left hand/right foot lead, a goofy foot technique that gives you better range; right hand/right foot lead, wherein I use the spear a lot like a rapier and lunge a bit more; choking up with my hand in the first and second quarters, which is a bit stronger but more dangerous' and choking up with hands in second and third quarters, usually with the thumbs opposed, which is for single combat. I used them all, but stayed mostly with the first one, which is the most common.

I spent about ten minutes on my knees and I got some good kills that way. I just propped myself up against a tree, to defend my left side, and worked the low line. It was fun.

I lost my arm twice--once to an arrow--and fought like that for a long time. I think I killed one guy like that as he charged.

I had a pretty good kill to death ratio. I spent most of the day dueling with Sir Mohammed from Tir Mara and Sir Oskgar.

For the last five minutes I used my great sword. I had an overpowering desire to crush something. I killed a couple of guys on breakthroughs and contemplated charging the line. With 15 second to go there was a hold. At the lay on I charged. I killed two more guys and got pumelled. I ended up with a bruised shoulder and a broken middle finger (just the tip--I'm typoing with it now, thought it stings a bit). I felt happy happy happy.

As the sun was disappearing and it was getting very cold, we held November's Beau Geste tournament.

It is 60 days until Birka. I dont' know when I will next be in armor.

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