Thursday, December 19, 2013

Nutley 12/18/2013

Sometimes you just need to hit something. I had a good time at practice last night, but I wish I were out at Wantaugh practice tonight. Not only is it the Beau Geste for this month, but I really just need to hit something. It's been that kind of day. 

It's the off season and my workouts have actually picked up. Back to lifting heavy bits of iron as well as yoga and spin. Sunday I did an arm workout and yesterday I did a good leg workout (finished with 215 lb back squats). Last week I did a couple of intense WODs as well as classes. 

I was going to try to work on that thrust that Edward MacGuyver killed me with in crown and Edric's foot stomp thrust, which is basically the same as Rolf's foot stomp snap. Neither worked too well. 

There were five of us at practice: myself, Breeder, Tzeitchel, Vasilli, and Doug. I arrived late but I got to fight all four of them. I soon most of my fights against Vasilli and Tzeitchel and lost most of my fights against Breeder and Doug. Against Tzeitchel I used that thrust, do a molinee, hit the forward edge of the shield with the false edge of the sword, then thrust at the face with the palm up. I hit her shield, she recovered, and my sword slid right up the face of her shield into her grill--so the technique didn't work but I still killed her. I managed to take breeder's leg twice. He waS suing his mirror technique but I was having none of it. I fought him pretty well and if my thrusting tip hadn't come off when we were both on our knees I might have won one. against Doug I had my most intense fight of the night. I slid right and took his leg then worked him for a long time before I killed him with a body shot. He was taking away my wrap/thrust and closing off his inside line. If I had thought to try tot aka his off side body when he closed with me I might have done more damage. Against Vasili he was just charging and pushing me around, so I let him and then when he paused I just hit him where his defense wasn't. I through the foot stomp and he bit on the fake but I missed the thrust. 

The most interesting thing I saw was the leg shot Breeder hit me with twice. He took a deep step to my shield side and made like he was cocking for an off side, but instead he drove his elbow toward my nose and hit me with the back edge of his sword. It's hard to describe. Him being a leftie, it went right into the inside of my leading leg. It's just a weird weird shot, but beautiful. 

It is 37 days until Birka. The next time I will be in armor will probably be Western 12th Night. 

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