Monday, October 15, 2007


Of course, I had planned to train for Crown this fall. A bit any way. I can't go to Nutley practice, so I don't get to fight people who are a lot better than me very often. But I'd hoped to get a bit of pell work in. Well I finally got my pell rebuilt but then as I was using it my shoulder tightened up, and I recalled that when my shoulder stiffened up last year it was because I was hitting the pell 1,000 times every other day. There was no practice last week, and none that I could make this weekend, so the last time I was in armor was at Crusades, which wasn't a good training opportunity. Fact is with the new semester and our expansion at Vox Pop, I am suddenly much busier and, when I'm not, much more exhausted. It sucks. My schedule is such that I cna't make Cardio Blast on Fridays any more. I did make spin class this past saturday, first time in over a month.

I was at least riding my bike till it got stolen a week ago.

So this is the extent of my training: a bit of practice swinging, treadmill and yoga on Mondays, fighting Tuesdays when it doesn't rain, and whatever else I can work in. But my weight's good, my wind's strong, and I've been fighting well every time I strap it on. So we'll see how deed I can go.

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