Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Practice makes what?

I'm having trouble with fighter practice. My complaint is the same one I always make: I want to get to New Jersey but can't take the time off work. Last night I was kind of mean to the other fighters at practice. I'm trying to get ready for Crown and I didn't want to spend a lot of time training. I wanted to just work on my own stuff. There were four of us there: me, Timur, Bill and Mathias. None of those unbelteds are newbies. I just went out and fought. Especially early in the night, I was fighting as though I was in a tourney and winning nearly all my fights. As I do when I get bored, I started goofing around after awhile and got killed a couple more times. But there are two things that I left practice unsatisfied about and they're related:

1) I never got pressed.
2) I basically pounded everybody who was there.

I didn't learn much. My defense was tight enough for this crowd but who knows what it will be like with the dukes. My offense felt a little sluggish but I was winning all my fights. It didn't matter what guard I took. It's a bit frustrating. I'd have been happier if I'd gotten my ass kicked a few times.


Ben said...

Yeah, that sucks. Can you get out to CT or south jersey or something? Sunday practice somewhere?


MAC said...

Not so far. Sundays if I am in armor it's usually over at Charlie's place. I'm trying hard to encourage him to fight more. Dave wants to start going to some Jersey practices on Sundays in the spring. Maybe I'll tag along with him.