Wednesday, November 7, 2007

McCaren Fighting Video

We shot a lot of video at the McCaren Park practice before last crown. I'm posting one of the longer vids of me fighting Gil here. I find it interesting. First off I can see that I look slow. I'm not trowing rapid fire combinations at all: I'm trying to pick my shots. Not a bad thing really, just an observation. I was purposely changing up my technique in this exchange. I start out using a counter-punching technique a-la Hauoc. I then go into an offensive style using a few of Radnor's shots. I employ a bit of Connor's squared up style but get away from it quickly, and I use a lot aggressive thrust and cut with very offensive shield work, stuff I learned from Jade. Against Gil it was pretty effective. But I can see where, going into Crown last weekend, I was still very unsettled as to what I was doing. Once again, like Jade says, I'm trying too many things and not getting good at one of them--even though I've been sticking with the half-round as he advised to get away from just that problem.

I can also see one reason why my fighting got better. It's not just that I'd lost weight or that I'm using better thrusts or that the half-round improves my visibility and movement: it's that it also improves my offensive shield work, which I need to help me deal with the preferred shield sizes on this coast.


Ben said...

Ha, I liked your Jade impression. You didn't dent his helm, though.

It looks like he is getting awfully close with those leg snaps, which although probably not good, if he was a little faster/hit a little harder they would be.

I liked the last sequence the best, when you chased himdown.

Burk said...

Nice use of the thrust. I'm going to have to learn that one someday.

Gil said...

Weird movement. I'm backing out every time as if I was still fighting with my buckler and trying to avoid body wraps. I never did feel comfortable standing toe-to-toe with you despite that big black wall on my left arm ;)