Monday, November 19, 2007


Sometimes the pain is the thing we love.....

100 Minutes war was this weekend and it was great, as always. It's a 100 minute resurrection battle. They hold a single-elim speed tourney among the unbelted fighters to start out with. The two finalists are tema captains and the winner of the finals gets to pick first. They pick by units, not individuals. Tzeitchel Gaida von Halstern won the tourney and we (Serpentius and others) with Von Halstern, (natch) and ICOD. Gunther was the other commander and had Blood guard, VDK, and the rest of the Norhter Region Army on his side. There were just over 150 fighters. It was a bean cunting war and there were over 3,000 kills total (which only averages 20 over a 100 minute period, which isn't much). We one by right around 300 kills.

I did not die 20 times. I died fewer than ten times. But the last time I died I really got my bell rung. They called "ten seconds left) and I charged, with my polearm, right into VDK and I got masacred.

I got a lot of kills with the whort polearm. Mostly, as usual, on breakthroughs. But I assisted on quite a few spear kills by pinning sweeping people spears down and letting Cian or Darius gack them. I had a couple of memmorable kills and two rather memorable deaths--both from polearm, one from Balfar and one from Lucan. The one from Lucan was great because I saw it coming and could do nothing to stop it. He came from my left, killed the shieldman next to me, which I caught out of the corner of my eye, and then killed me with the same shot. I couldnt' do anything to block it becuse I was too busy bloking the two spears in front of me. I got to look right into his eyse as he burried his partisan in my helm--actually, quite a scary sight. I'll remember that one for awhile. Balfar just schooled me when we ended up together on one end of the line. He looked at me, waited a beat, then cut me straight down the middle of my forehead. It was like being dissmissed. "Bang! I'm done with this guy."

But on the whole I had a really good day. Some great fighting and some good kills.

But to me the most amusing thing was when I was on the end of our line with ICOD. We had Gregor, Kelson, and Stephan with us. Having stephan is kind of like having a chain gun. He has no fear. Every once in awhile we just launch him at the opposing line and he kills four or five guys in rapid fire and then gets killed himself and goes to resurrect. He had better than a five to one kill ratio, which for a sword and shield guy is great in those battles. It's a good use of resources.


Burk said...

How was the weather for the event? I've done this one in a downpour and while it was close to freezing.

MAC said...

Pretty gray, cold and windy in the morning, leveling out to just gray and cold by afternoon.

Anonymous said...

It's Sichel Gaita Von Halstern