Thursday, November 1, 2007

McCaren Park practice

Normally I don't fight the week before crown, but since I hadn't fought the week before and was feeling antsy I strapped my gear on anyway. It was a good practice not just for me but as a whole. we had five fighters in armor and got to do a lot of fun stuff. I figured three or four fights with three or four opponents--no newbies--and I should be fine. I say no newbies because they can be dangerous. Gil was nice enough to strap on a heater, with which he's better than he thinks he is, to give me some practice. So I got heater shield (Gil), leftie (Bill) and small round shield (TImur) to work against. When I got there Gil asked me what he could do and I said "Got any dukes in your pocket?"

Turns out there are only three royal peers on the list for crown, and only one's a duke (Darius). That doesn't make it easier, but it is kind of cool to be second in precedence in the list (Of course, that just means I'm older than Thorsen).

Lest you you think I'm obsessing about crown, well, I am, in the way I always do. It's what I enjoy most in the SCA is fighting in crown tourney. I'm not all hog wild to win (if I were I would have trained a lot harder), and I could easilly go out in two rounds, but Crown is what the SCA is really all about, so I'm looking forward to it the way I always do (I'm told I pace like a caged tiger waiting for work to end so I can leave for crown). I'm in good shape and I want to win, but the odds suggest that I won't: I've fought in seventy four crown tourneys and I've only won one of them. That's the worst success rate of any count in the SCA. :)

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